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We take care of all the details
for video shoots and live
events like yours.

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We work routinely on corporate, commercial, celebrity, network, and live shows with all kinds of prompting setups - from on-camera to Presidential, SLR to Steadicam.

We are located in Tribeca, NY and love last minute calls.​ We work exclusively with Telescript gear, the gold standard in Teleprompting equipment.

Confidence Monitors
So far THIS YEAR we have teleprompted
Katy Perry
Saturday Night Live
Madam Secretary
Citibank's CEO
Naomi Watts
Aziz Ansari
Democracy Now
Dionne Warwick
Meryl Streep
Donald Trump
Katie Couric
Dwayne Johnson
Hillary Clinton
Stephen Colbert
Hall & Oates
Chris Rock
Oprah Winfrey
Steve Buscemi
Susan Sarandon
Ben Stiller
Matt Lauer
Katie Holmes

Among others


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